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Let Me See That Body Work

Have you ever wondered what someone does weird motions such as playing with one’s ear, tilting one’s head or rolling one’s eyes? Where did they come up with these things? What elicits these weird body movement? Communication through body language is one of the world’s most interesting phenomena. Did you ever realize that your personal twitch, or method of dealing with nervousness, says something specific about you? Body language is an entire communication system essential and innovative all on its own. From all the information we receive in a conversation, researchers point out that 10% comes from what a person says, 40% from the tone and speed of their voice, and an astonishing 50% from one’s body language. An article I found on a psychology blog compares each body part with the message it is sending across.


  • lowering one’s head signifies timidness
  • rubbing or simply touching one’s nose is a sign of disagreement
  • pinching bridge of nose relates a negative opinion
  • tugging an ear usually portrays indecisiveness


  • pointing a finger transmits feelings of aggression
  • open arms usually signifies a willingness to talk
  • Reaching your arm and placing on the back of your neck usually means one is interested in listening
  • If the fingertips are touching or fingers are laced together, one is usually thinking or pondering


  • hand on hips shows eagerness
  • a bouncing foot over crossed legs means one is losing patience
  • sitting with legs open usually means one is comfortable in one’s present situation
  • When you cross your legs toward a person you are showing you are interested as opposed to when you cross them away from them.


  • when you look up and then to the right one is most likely recalling a memory
  • blinking more often signifies nervousness
  • looking into another eye displays confidence
  • when irritated at a certain comment one usually does a quick glance sideways


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A Tree in Brooklyn

Hi Everyone!

Starting out this semester, it was time to finally get my science requirement out of the way. Thus I have signed up for a course in Environmental Geology. In all honesty, the class was chosen mainly by my adviser who knew of my failed expertise in science. I know what you’re thinking, “rocks for jocks!” But no, thankfully, Geology has been pretty insightful so far. We have just touched on basics, but what has really caught my attention (and I am hoping will interest you all as well) is the risk we, humans, pose to Biodiversity. Some of you may not know what that even worries, I had hardly any idea as well. Biodiversity can be defined plainly as the “variation of species within a given ecosystem, biome or the entire Earth”.

Following this information, I learned about the high risk we are posing for biomes and species developing across the globe. New species are coming to life and others are becoming extinct as time drags on. In present day however, humans have spread far beyond Earth’s capacity. In fact, 50% of all the land mass has been turned over for human use. Looking a bit less generally, and lot more specifically,  I’d like to point out the great extinction. No, not of animals (although it definitely concerns them) but of rainforests! Did you know rainforests, unlike regular forests, cannot regenarate? That means all the wood we have chopped down has a large chance of never being replenished. The answer lies in the rainforests’ biomass. Unlike forests, whose main nutrients reside in the soil, the biomass can not be assuaged. After rainforests are cleared, rain washes away any nutritients left in the soil- leaving it extremely acidic and even worse: useless.

Coming from an urban setting, where trees are a minority and skyscrapers are far too many, it really makes me think. Does life truly have a clear ending? What happens when we cut down all of those rainforests with no hope of return? I’m sure that will hardly stop anyone. People are selfish. They will always take what they can get.

My goal is to someday own my own patch of land and maybe even adobt an acre of a tropic rainforest. It’s a great cause that benefits us, our biosphere, and many species that rely on it. I have done just a bit of research and have come across a great site that offers just that. Please check it out and join in my efforts to make a difference! Hopefully a tree will grow in other places, but for now I’ll focus on Brooklyn.


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